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Our stance

With more than 34 million customers in over 40 countries, our business activities have a significant influence on communities and the environment.
For us, this means making the right choices in how, where and with whom we do business – and crucially, being transparent about the underlying principles that guide our daily business decisions. Our environmental and social risk policies form a large part of that. The ESR policies are applicable to all of our products and services, including corporate loans, project finance, investments for own account (e.g. bonds issuance), and asset management/private banking services worldwide. Each policy defines risk management procedures for its specific operational area.

All ING Bank entities, representative offices, and companies that are under our control are obliged to uphold our policies in all countries where we do business.

Find more specific information on:

• Animal welfare
• Climate
• Data ethics
• Defence
• Energy
• Extractive industry
• Fisheries
• Food speculation
• Human rights
• Income taxes
• Maritime sector
• Palm oil
• Remuneration
• Resource scarcity
• Tobacco
• Transparency

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