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Sponsorship in sport

ING Belgium's sponsorship policy in the sporting field is mainly aimed at football. In line with ING Netherlands' strategy, we are an official partner of the Royal Belgian Football Association (URBSFA/KBVB). Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in Belgium. More than 1.5 million Belgians are interested in football. It is a sport based on fundamental values that are important, on a daily basis, to thousands of football players: accessibility, team spirit and respect.

Dynamism and integrity

ING Belgium sponsors the national football team, the Red Devils, through its partnership with the URBSFA/KBVB. Their reputation as dynamic and bold challengers matches our company's image. Referees, be they local or national, can also count on our support. Like ING, they embody essential values such as integrity and respect for the rules. Moreover, our cooperation with the URBSFA/KBVB brings us into contact with all levels in the football world.

Specific actions

As an active partner, ING undertakes various projects with the URBSFA/KBVB, such as:

  • Direct support for referees
  • Yearly recruitment of the official ball boys and ball girls of the Red Devils
  • In-stadium entertainment during matches of the Red Devils.
  • Sustain local football through different actions
  • Matches to which existing ING customers can win tickets.
  • Targeted campaigns to select 22 children to accompany the Red Devils onto the pitch at every match

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