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Support for social projects

Our charitable initiatives and sponsorship of social projects are made possible with the help of two independent organisations and our internal employees.

ING Belgium therefore never deals with applications directly. That way we are able to treat the many sponsorship applications we receive objectively.

Which initiatives does ING Belgium support?

    The partnership between ING and UNICEF is about making a positive contribution to the lives of children. We both believe that a strong and healthy community has far-reaching benefits for future generations and businesses. Since the launch of our partnership in 2005, we have touched the lives of over 1 million children.

  • King Baudouin Foundation:
    Since 2005 we have been working on a national level with the King Baudouin Foundation via our ING Fund. With their help, we support numerous Belgian projects every year that are connected to different themes like education, entrepreneurship or circular economy. We gladly refer project initiators directly to the King Baudouin Foundation. That way, every application we receive is treated in a transparent, identical and objective manner.
    Are you involved in such an initiative? If so, submit your project on the King Baudouin Foundation website
    After submitting your project, you will personally be kept informed of the selections by the Fund's Management Committee, which will take place based on the recommendations of a panel of independent experts.

  • ING Volunteering Days
    Since 2014 we also offer the opportunity to all our internal employees to give back one day of their time to non-profit associations active in Belgium. We are working closely with our partner Time4Society. Are you searching for ING volunteers to support your project ?
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