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Support for social projects

Our charitable initiatives and sponsorship of social projects are made possible with the help of two independent organisations and our internal employees.

ING Belgium therefore never deals with applications directly. That way we are able to treat the many sponsorship applications we receive objectively.

Which initiatives does ING Belgium support?

  • ING Solidarity Award:
    once a year we organise a Solidarity Award for all of our employees who work as volunteers in an association. They then get the chance to submit a sponsorship application for their association.
    along with UNICEF we want to give children in developing countries a quality education with a view to improving their prospects for the future. Our aim is to give 1 million underprivileged children access to education by January 2015.
  • King Baudouin Foundation:
    since 2005 we have been working on a national level with the King Baudouin Foundation via our ING Philanthropic Fund in Belgium. With their help, we support around 60 Belgian projects every year that are connected with children, education and health.

We gladly refer project initiators who are making a contribution to education or entrepreneurship promotion. That way, every application we receive is treated in a transparent, identical and objective manner.

Are you involved in such an initiative? If so, submit your project on the King Baudouin Foundation website.

    After submitting your project, you will personally be kept informed of the selections by the Fund's Management Committee, which will take place based on the recommendations of a panel of independent experts. Depending on the date you submitted your application, you will receive a response either at the beginning of July or the end of November.

    Does your project not meet the above criteria? You never know, perhaps it will fit perfectly with one of the other projects run by the King Baudouin Foundation!

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