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Sponsorship and music

Music is universal and brings people together. The artistic and creative aspect of music and the sense of community that develops between music lovers are important elements for ING.

Projects for the general public

Because of the large number of music genres, ING has clearly defined which types of events it wants to support. To reach as wide an audience as possible, we prefer music projects aimed at the general public. As summer music festivals combine musical creativity with leisure, they are the ideal meeting place for many people. Moreover, ING has been partner of the Palais 12 since 2014.

Quality contacts

ING Belgium provides financial support to organisers of music festivals, which means that, year on year, they can develop the quality of their event. Moreover, ING provides festival-goers with fun activities and services with added value. This way they come into contact with us in an original and enjoyable setting.

The ING Music Calendar

In 2018 ING will sponsor the following music events

Young classical talent

ING Belgium does not usually sponsor classical music projects, but there is one exclusive project for which we are glad to make an exception. We are a partner of the Queen Elisabeth Music Foundation, a prestigious foundation for classical music. This sponsorship ties in perfectly with ING's focus on and support for young talent. Each year we are present at the FĂȘte de la Musique, a music event for which the Music Chapel exceptionally opens its doors to the general public.

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