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How do you apply for sponsorship from ING? Which areas are eligible for sponsorship? We will give you all the details.

How does the sponsorship application procedure work?

To help speed up the application process, please follow this procedure:

  • Take a look at our sponsorship policy to see if your project fits into our vision.
  • Fill in the application form (FR/NL). This way we will have all the details we need to analyse your project.
  • Please add any other relevant documents, such as presentations or details about your project.

Our sponsorship team will thoroughly assess your sponsorship application. You should receive an answer within two weeks.

Important: we can only process applications we have received via the online application form.

Which projects are eligible?

ING's sponsorship policy is based on five pillars: sport, music, culture, business, and sustainable business practice. These pillars are listed in the left navigation pane.

Naturally, ING only supports projects that are in line with the company's values. As our sponsorship policy expressly excludes a number of domains, these are not eligible for support. For instance:

  • Projects related to games of chance, betting, etc.
  • Dangerous activities with an elevated risk, such as certain sports
  • Projects with a violent or combative element
  • Projects of a religious or political nature
  • Projects around themes linked to a scandal or that convey a negative image
  • Purely individual and/or private initiatives

Any further questions?

Send an email to if you have specific questions.

Want to submit a sponsorship application? Use the applicvation form (FR / NL)

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