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ING FinTech Village: Third edition with six new fintech start-ups

Brussels, Monday 12 March 2018

Today, ING Belgium is introducing the six new fintech start-ups that will attend the ING FinTech Village programme. For four months, these start-ups will work, together with their sponsor, on implementing a Proof of Concept*. The results will be demonstrated on 26 June 2018 during the Demo day.

Out of a group of more than 550 start-ups focused on the financial sector, three Belgian, a Swedish, a Luxembourg and an English start-up were selected to take part in the ING FinTech Village programme.  The six participating fintechs are Accountable, Asteria, Koopol, Rockestate, REGnosys and Snapswap.

In the various master classes offered by ING Belgium and its partners during the next four months, the start-ups will be challenged to sharpen the focus of their business model and their entrepreneurship. An equally important element and also one of the great strengths of the programme is that the fintechs work closely with ING Belgium to implement a Proof of Concept. That will enable them to adjust their product, where necessary, in consultation with ING Belgium as a potential client. The start-ups will be guided in the process by several mentors. In addition, ING FinTech Village's coaching programme supports the start-up businesses selected in growing their companies. This guidance is provided not only by ING Belgium but also by other FinTech Village partners.

ING Belgium continues to engage in cooperation with fintechs

At the start of the third edition of ING FinTech Village, ING Belgium contributes further to a dynamic between fintechs and banks, both of which have long been looking for ever more collaboration. Working with a bank such as ING Belgium helps fintechs gain expertise. In addition, it offers them a platform for reaching more customers, and thus to grow more quickly. ING Belgium also stands only to gain from establishing successful collaborations with fintechs.

Stephanie Van Avesaat, Head of FinTech Village: "This third edition of the ING FinTech Village once again shows the commitment of ING Belgium to innovation, with the aim of ensuring that clients can stay a step ahead in life and in business. ING Belgium has played a pioneering role in fostering collaboration with fintechs, given that ING FinTech Village was the first Belgium accelerator programme focused on financial technology. Now that ING FinTech Village is on its third edition, we are proud to be able to say that we have continued the collaboration with a number of fintechs from the two previous editions, and that the solutions they developed are currently being rolled out within the bank.”

The selected start-ups and the ING FinTech Village partners

The six selected start-ups are:

Belgium - Accountable is a mobile app to support independents in their financial administration, including Accounting as a Service. The app offers cash forecasting, invoice management and (soon) real-time tax optimization recommendations.

Sweden - Asteria provides SME customers with an easy way to understand & optimize business cash flow & FX risk management.

Belgium - Koopol gathers and enriches e-commerce data for the merchant from various sources in order to bring predictive data, actionable insights and optimize the channel strategy of the merchant.

United Kingdom - Programmatic Compliance and Open Sourcing to support and demonstrate real time compliance against trading EU regulations (MiFID II).

Belgium - Rockestate unlocks new insights through leveraging open geo data and statistics. Focus area: improving our credit risk management for mortgages.

Luxembourg - Snapswap offers a fully digital way to on-board customers, collecting all necessary KYC data and aiming for a legally binding electronic signature (also non-residents).

The partners of ING FinTech Village – core partners Deloitte, SWIFT, Innotribe & The Bridge and partners B-Hive, IBM, Smartfin Capital and - have renewed their commitment to ING FinTech Village with great enthusiasm.

The six new fintech start-ups will once again be accommodated in FinTech Village, based at the B-hive near Brussels (Diegem).

Stephanie Van Avesaat new Head of FinTech Village

Stephanie Van Avesaat took up her role as Head of FinTech Village in January. She is responsible for the strategic design, implementation and monitoring of the programme. This means, in practice, that she goes in search of fintechs, selects the participants for the programmes and also designs the content of the programme. Furthermore, she is responsible for ensuring the success of the programme for both the fintechs and the bank, by promoting a smooth implementation of the Proof of Concept. To this end she works closely with the partners of ING FinTech Village. Lastly, she is constantly looking for ways to improve the ING FinTech Village programme and to link the concept with other initiatives within the ING Group.

Stephanie was also closely involved in the programme of the last two editions of ING FinTech Village in her role as "Innovation Driver and Project Manager, Transformation Office". She began her career at ING Belgium in 2012 as Management Trainee.

David Rasson takes up the role of Center of Expertise Lead Innovation BE + NL

David Rasson assumed his role this January of Center of Expertise Lead Innovation for both Belgium and the Netherlands. His mission is to turn ING into an innovation-oriented organisation on a cross-border level by seeing to it that ING Belgium brings relevant client solutions rapidly and optimally to market.

David Rasson previously worked as General Manager Human Channels. He began his career at ING Belgium in 1995. David Rasson has gained extensive experience, both nationally and internationally, in sales, operations, IT and finance. 

*By Proof of Concept we mean a prototype that is ready to be brought to market.

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