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Four large-scale projects supported by the ING-UNICEF partnership in 2013

Ethiopia – Alternative education for nomadic children

Three million Ethiopian children do not have access to a decent education. As a result, ING and UNICEF are setting up alternative schools which are adapted to their nomad lifestyle. In 2013, 32 alternative facilities were created, paving the way for 4,800 children to go to school, while more than 43,000 received school materials.

Zambia – Education in Luapula

ING has been supporting the children of Luapula province, the poorest in Zambia, for a very long time. Support from the bank has enabled UNICEF to build schools, as well as train teachers and students. Last year, 15 new preschools were added thanks to ING and UNICEF, bringing the total number of schools to 61. In addition, new school supplies, playgrounds and latrines that meet hygiene and safety standards have improved the learning environment for 4,123 children.

Nepal – Global Money Week

ING and UNICEF have set out to help prepare the children of Nepal for the future. For example, in 2013 ING helped 200 teenagers to take part in Global Money Week, assisted by UNICEF staff who taught them some basic financial skills. 

Philippines – The calm after the storm

In November, Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Philippines. Our financial support helped UNICEF to put children at the heart of the relief effort by providing them with drinking water and sanitation, as well as by re-opening schools and supporting vaccination programmes. Moreover, by involving communities in the reconstruction of their villages and homes, UNICEF hopes to ensure rapid reconstruction and better preparation for possible disasters in the future.

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