<![CDATA[Press room]]> <![CDATA[Exhibition Revolutions Records & Rebels 1966-1970]]> <![CDATA[Looking for a silver lining]]> <![CDATA[Reaction following article in Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad]]> <![CDATA[Changes Executive Committee ING Belgium]]> <![CDATA[ING BELUX HALF YEAR RESULTS 2018]]> impressive business performance, with customer lending and deposit volumes both exceeding the € 100 billion mark for the first time in its history.
Pressure on interest margins, however, continued to negatively influence results before tax.
At the same time, ING in Belgium implemented many of the steps it had announced within the framework of the transformation towards the new business model.
ING now has its organisational track laid out, is ready for the future and is focusing on maturing the model. The next big steps are rationalising our product assortment and uniting the IT platforms in Belgium and the Netherlands.]]>
<![CDATA[Reaction following media attention Panama Papers]]> <![CDATA[Reaction following media attention Panama Papers]]> <![CDATA[Emmanuel Verhoosel to leave ING Belgium]]> <![CDATA[Emmanuel Verhoosel to leave ING Belgium ]]> <![CDATA[World Cup: the supporters are warming up!]]> <![CDATA[Papering over the cracks]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium Annual Report 2017]]> <![CDATA[Trade, Tech & Trump]]> <![CDATA[Bancontact Company and Payconiq Belgium bringing their expertise and innovative skills under one roof.]]> <![CDATA[Still pumping ]]> <![CDATA[1, 2, 3 Boom!]]> <![CDATA[ING Belux Full Year Results 2017]]> <![CDATA[The growing inflation puzzle]]> <![CDATA[Monthly Economic Update ]]> <![CDATA[Le Baromètre des Investisseurs / BeleggersBarometer]]> <![CDATA[BELGIAN PHOTOGRAPHER ONE OF THE FINALISTS IN ING UNSEEN TALENT AWARD]]> <![CDATA[Catalonia: the cost of being singlE Economic analysis of a hypothetical move]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium economic Newsletter]]> <![CDATA[Monthly Economic Update]]> <![CDATA[ING Belux Half Year Results 2017]]> <![CDATA[MAARTEN VANDEN EYNDE AWARDED WITH THE ING PUBLIC PRIZE AND OTOBONG NKANGA WINS THE BELGIANARTPRIZE 2017]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium Annual Report 2016]]> <![CDATA[Signature Collective Labour Agreements]]> <![CDATA[ING has sold its stake in Dakota Access pipeline loan]]> <![CDATA[EIB and ING sign Benelux loan facility for small and medium-sized enterprises]]> <![CDATA[ING FinTech Village: second edition with 10 new FinTech start-ups]]> <![CDATA[Erik Van Den Eynden new CEO for ING Belgium]]> <![CDATA[Payconiq: all aboard !]]> <![CDATA[Reflection on the Hospital reform]]> <![CDATA[Financing of the Ecluse project]]> <![CDATA[Is sustainable building unaffordable?]]> <![CDATA[ING Belux Full Year Results 2016]]> <![CDATA[Belgians continue to save]]> <![CDATA[Rik Vandenberghe leaves ING Belgium to take up the position of CEO of besix group.]]> <![CDATA[Monthly Economic Update]]> <![CDATA[CREATIS LAUNCHED IN BELGIUM WITH ING AND KISSKISSBANKBANK]]> <![CDATA[US Presidential Election Result]]> <![CDATA[Guggenheim Full Abstraction]]> <![CDATA[ING rises in Dow Jones Sustainability index]]> <![CDATA[75% of Belgians are happy with their (expensive) homeplace]]> <![CDATA[The Start of a Tricky Campaign]]> <![CDATA[ING is world s most sustainable bank, says Sustainalytics]]> <![CDATA[You can Play football cheaper]]> <![CDATA[Financial Half Year Results 2016]]> <![CDATA[A driverless car?]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium announces change to the Board of Directors]]> <![CDATA[Philippe Wallez appointed new Head of Retail & Private Banking within the Executive Committee of ING Belgium]]> <![CDATA[KBC and ING working together on an integrated payment and loyalty solution in Belgium]]> <![CDATA[KBC and ING working together on an integrated payment and loyalty solution in Belgium]]> <![CDATA[the British chose for Brexit]]> <![CDATA[Krista Baetens appointed Chief Risk Officer at ING Belgium]]> <![CDATA[ECB dampens optimism and keeps door for future easing open]]> <![CDATA[ING has renewed its partnership with the Music Chapel]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium partners up with Zervant and Basware for ING Invoice Solutions]]> <![CDATA[ING CONTINUES IMPLEMENTING ITS COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH TO SUSTAINABILITY]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium Annual Report 2015]]> <![CDATA[ING FINTECH VILLAGE : Seven start-ups are working on their Proof-of-concept]]> <![CDATA[Investment Plan for Europe: EUR 100m for Belgian companies as EIF and ING sign InnovFin deal]]> <![CDATA[France: on a slippery path]]> <![CDATA[ING included in the Belgium Bel 20 index on Euronext Brussels]]> <![CDATA[ING Fintech Village officially opens its doors today and welcomes eight start-ups]]> <![CDATA[ING BeLux Full Year Results 2015]]> <![CDATA[ING Fintech Village opens its doors for the first participants]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium elected Best Bank in Belgium for third year in a row]]> <![CDATA[ING FinTech Village opens subscription period.]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium joins entrepreneurs on the fast track to crowdfunding]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium, proud partner of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel]]> <![CDATA[ING acquires Belgian digital loyalty platform Qustomer]]> <![CDATA[ING BeLux: First half year 2015 commercial and financial results]]> <![CDATA[Belgium: GDP increased by 0.4% QoQ in Q2 2015]]> <![CDATA[International trade research]]> <![CDATA[EIB and ING Belgium partnering to facilitate midcaps innovative investments in Belgium with the InnovFin programme, supported by the European Commission]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium is involved in the Royal Belgian Mission to China]]> <![CDATA[Implications of Grexit Some questions and answers]]> <![CDATA[ECB meeting Taper tempering]]> <![CDATA[The world trade comeback]]> <![CDATA[Slow recovery still on track]]> <![CDATA[Ready for Brexit?]]> <![CDATA[Worrying about nothing? Political uncertainty and the risks for the economy]]> <![CDATA[Belgium: GDP increased by 0.3% QoQ in Q1 2015]]> <![CDATA[The default within : A new accidental scenario for Greece?]]> <![CDATA[The default within]]> <![CDATA[ING presents Coll/nnection (since 2013) and Flex Desk (2015) by Pierre Bismuth]]> <![CDATA[Telephone network up and running again]]> <![CDATA[IING Belgium brings together Matexi and Artevelde University College Ghent]]> <![CDATA[Unexpected excitement in Frankfurt]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium Annual Report 2014]]> <![CDATA[Name change for ING Life, Non-Life and Investment Management has no impact on ING Belgium services]]> <![CDATA[ECHOES HELMUT STALLAERTS MEETS THE ING COLLECTION]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium brings together Lampiris Bruno Venanzi and the founders of Madbugs]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium: 2014 commercial and financial results]]> <![CDATA[ING Belgium is partnering SmartFin Capital, a venture capital fund specialising in financial technologies]]> <![CDATA[The technological revolution in Belgium]]> <![CDATA[ING Hackathon 2015]]> <![CDATA[ING Hackathon 2015]]>