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Belgian Lion SME III

ATTENTION: Notes of Belgian Lion N.V. - S.A., institutionele vennootschap voor belegging in schuldvorderingen naar Belgisch recht / société d’investissement en créances institutionnelle de droit belge (Belgian Lion), acting through its Compartment Belgian Lion RMBS I, can only be acquired, held by and transferred to institutional investors or professional investors as described in article 5§3 of the Law of 20 July 2004 on certain types of collective management of investment portfolios, as amended or replaced (Institutional Investors) acting for their own account. Belgian Lion will suspend the payment of dividends or interests in relation to its securities of which it becomes aware that these are held by a person who is not an Institutional Investor acting for its own account.

Holders of securities of Belgian Lion willing to receive (free of charge) all published information by e-mail, should contact our Transaction Management Team at the following address:

Belgian Lion SME III

On the Closing Date (and from time to time thereafter), Belgian Lion, acting through its compartment Belgian Lion SME III (the Issuer), purchases Belgian SME loans from ING Belgium NV/SA. The Issuer finances the initial purchase through the issuance of Class A1, A2 and B Notes. Further information can be found in the Prospectus.

  Class A1 Class A2 Class B
Principal amount,00 EUR 4.833.750.000,00 EUR 2.463.750.000,00 EUR
Issue Price 100 % 100 % 100 %
Credit Enhancement (provided by other Classes of Notes subordinated to the relevant Class) Subordination of Class B Notes Subordination of Class B Notes Nil
Interest Rate 3M EURIBOR + 45bp
(Coupon capped at 2,50%)
0,70% 2,00%
Interest Accrual Act/360 Act/360 Act/360
Quarterly Payment Dates Interest will be payable quarterly in arrears on the tenth (10th) day of February, May, August and November of each year (or the first following Business Day if such day is not a Business Day, unless such day would fall in the next calendar month, in which case interest will be payable on the immediately preceding Business Day), commencing on the Quarterly Payment Date falling on 11 February 2019.
Principal payments No scheduled amortisation. On the Quarterly Payment Date falling in February 2022 (the Mandatory Amortisation Date) and on any Quarterly Payment Date thereafter, full sequential amortisation of the Notes (in order of seniority whereby Class B Notes will be subordinated to Class A Notes and as far as Class A Notes are concerned, prior to enforcement redemption of the Class A2 Notes will be subordinated to redemption of the Class A1 Notes) based on the Principal Available Amount. Prior to the Mandatory Amortisation Date, the Issuer has the option (but not the obligation) to apply the Principal Available Amount on each Quarterly Payment Date towards redemption of the Notes in accordance with the Principal Priority of Payments
Prepayments Notes may be subject to voluntary and mandatory prepayment on any Quarterly Payment Date as described herein, with prepayments applied to the Notes in sequential order starting with the most senior Class of Notes then outstanding.
Listing Euronext Brussels Euronext Brussels No
Rating DBRS Fitch
DBRS Fitch
Closing Date 12 December 2018 12 December 2018 12 December 2018
Final Redemption Date 10 December 2046 10 December 2046 10 December 2046

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