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Structure & organisation


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Belgian banking activities are organised around two activities: Retail Banking and Wholesale Banking. This structure ensures optimal efficiency and rapid decision-making processes.

In its approach, ING Belgium strives to take the specific requirements of its customers into account in full. Indeed, the financial service needs of an individual or a small firm differ entirely from those of a large multinational corporation.

It is for this reason that individuals and companies are classified in several categories.

  • Private Individuals: individuals with account assets of less than EUR 100,000;
  • Personal Banking customers: individuals with account assets of more than EUR 100,000 and less than EUR 500,000;
  • Private banking customers: individuals with account assets of more than EUR 500,000;
  • Self-employed, professionals and micro companies that have a balance sheet lower than EUR 400,000;
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises with a balance sheet lohigher than EUR 400,000 and a turnover below EUR 250 million;
  • Institutional customers: public services, hospitals, educational institutions, trade unions and pension funds;
  • Large corporates: listed companies and companies with a consolidated turnover in excess of over EUR 250 million;
  • Financial institutions: banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies, investment funds, ….

Retail Banking, personal banking and small firms

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ING Belgium is a universal direct bank that provides services to all types of customers. Apart from its branch network, ING Belgium uses the internet and mobile channels as retail channels.

Retail & Private Banking

Retail Banking's scope is Private Individuals and Personal Banking (assets lower than EUR 500,000) and Self-employed, professionals and micro companies (balance sheet lower than EUR 400,000).

ING Belgium currently has an omni-channel distribution model aimed at answering our clients' evolving needs. Our distribution model is based on 3 pillars: digital, branches and remote interaction. Each answers to specific needs of clients and mutually reinforce one another:

  • Digital: Anytime and anywhere
    For our client’s simple & day-to-day needs, ING’s digital channels are the first and preferred choice. Clients can fulfil their needs via self-servicing anytime & anywhere.
  • Remote: Best-in-class remote servicing
    For services where such digital solution is not yet available, or for clients who are not yet digital, we provide best-in-class remote servicing via our “Customer Loyalty Teams”, who are available via call and mail with extended opening hours.  
  • Branches: Physical proximity and trusted advisors
    For our clients key moments in life when they require financial advice, our more than 2,000 specialized advisors in ~650 branches* across the country are available within the branch opening hours and within extended opening hours on appointment.

The distribution model as described above has been implemented during 2018.

(*Data of December 2018)

Private Banking serves wealthy customers, that is, those with portfolios of EUR 500,000 or more.
Asset management can be discretionary (ING Private Banking takes full responsibility) or advisory (the client gives prior authorisation for all transactions), or the client can manage the assets him or herself via the "private trading desk". Management is based on "open architecture", in which the investment funds of other banks or management companies are also suggested. Hedge funds and structured notes are part of this offering.

Banking for professional customers

The Midcorps & Institutionals segment focuses on medium-sized companies - with a balance sheet of more than EUR 400,000 - and institutional clients like public services, hospitals, religious associations, teaching establishments, union organisations and pension funds. These clients represent an important segment for ING Belgium. However, they require a specific approach. They can contact 16 business centres and business desks distributed over the whole country, as well as the branch network, of course.

ING Belgium has specialists in the field of transport and logistics, agriculture, food, real estate and so on. The Bank is also very attentive to the family aspects of medium-sized companies, of which 70% are family businesses.

Wholesale Banking

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Large corporates and institutional investors are another core customer segment for ING Belgium. Wholesale Banking in Belgium is fully integrated in terms of sectors and products into the global Wholesale Banking network which spans over 40 countries. More information on ING Wholesale Banking globally can be found on

  • Large corporates are served by Corporate Clients Belgium with solutions for all their daily banking, financing, risk management and advisory needs.
  • Financial Institutions are banks and other financial entities, insurance firms, investment funds and so on. Next to the operational products like payments services, the products and services include structured financing for parent companies and subsidiaries, equity and bond issuance and interest and exchange-rate hedging products.
  • The Corporate Finance department takes care of equity capital marketn public to private and merger and acquisition transactions.
  • ING Equity Markets is a leading operator on Benelux stock markets. For this purpose, the department can rely on qualitative equity analysis, good access to European and North American institutional investors and impeccable execution service.
  • Financial Markets offers a full suite if funding, hedging and investment products for the ING Retail / Private Banking, Midcorp, Corporate and Financial Institution clients.

International network

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In Belgium and Luxembourg, ING Group is active in the following fields: retail (including midcorp), private and commercial banking, life insurance, leasing and commercial finance.

In Belgium, the Group is also active in non-life insurance, Real Estate Development and Real Estate Investment Management.

Product Management & Client Services

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Product Management & Client Services installs end-to-end responsibility and accountability, and is aligned with the strategic objectives of the client segments. “Client Services” institutionalises the focus on the client in all processes and to ensure the follow-up of the client’s end-to-end experience. While “Product Management” mission maintains the competitiveness of the existing offer, creates new products and innovates beyond banking.

ING Tech Market Leaders (BE/NL)

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New technological developments are continuously transforming the society and the banking industry. Therefore, the ING Tech Market Leaders (BE/NL) department strives to be an agile, output driven and performing IT division to support ING's ambitions and to overcome challenges, i.e. building new capabilities in a timely manner in response to ever changing customer expectations whilst keeping robust yet efficient service delivery to both ING Belgium and global business units within ING Group.
With technology and customer behaviour changing faster and faster every day, ING needs to become a faster and smarter organisation as well. In 2015, ING Belgium introduced the Agile way of working in ITS. Agility is the capability of a company to rapidly change or adapt in response to changes on the market. In 2016, ING Belgium was awarded during the Learning & Development Awards for her Agile Learning Journey.

Resources and support services

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ING Belgium uses several partners (support departments) for its day-to-day operation and these also form part of the ING Group's functional organisation. However, their activities are characterised by many local nuances. These support departments - such as HR, communication, audit, compliance and real estate - must take into consideration the fact that ING Belgium is a company and bank under Belgian law.

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