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ING Lease Belgium


ING Lease Belgiumis one of the major leasing companies in Belgium and is part of the INGgroup, an international financial institution. In Belgium, ING Group is activein leasing via ING Lease Belgium,which specialises in the financial lease of property and movable assets.


In Belgium, ING is active in the leasing market through its subsidiary ING Lease Belgium, which is responsible for the financial leasing of movable (rolling stock, ICT, equipment) and immovable assets.

ING Lease Belgium develops leasing and renting plans with or without additional services.

As a pioneer in the leasing sector, ING Lease Belgium provides numerous innovative solutions, including real estate leasing and the leasing of installations for the production of renewable energy. ING Lease has been one of the leading lease companies for more than 55 years and is now synonymous with professionalism and creativity in the Belgian leasing market.

ING Lease Belgium focuses exclusively on the corporate market: liberal professions, self-employed persons, SMEs, multinationals and institutions (NGOs, hospitals, government bodies, etc.).

ING Lease Belgium has its own sales team. It works closely with ING Belgium's extensive network of branches and sales teams, who together form the ideal basis for providing leasing solutions to the corporate market. The company also works with various vendor partners.


"To be the number one expert in all leasing services"

In other words:

  • To offer the best possible service to its customers
  • To develop an extensive range of services with a focus on creating value for the customer
  • To delegate responsibilities and facilitate excellent performance at all levels of the company
  • To develop synergies within the ING Group and in particular with ING Belgium.


ING Lease Belgium S.A
Sint-Michielswarande 60,
B- 1040 Etterbeek

T: +32.2.739.64.48
F: +32.2.739.64.00

Filip Indigne – Chief Commercial Officer ING Lease Belgium
T: + 32 2 739 88 80 -

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