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Brief history

Banque Bruxelles Lambert (BBL) is part of ING Group since 1998. This was the last stage of the large changes the bank went through. The Banque Bruxelles Lambert was the result of a former merger. Banque de Bruxelles and Banque Lambert were indeed merged on 30 June 1975 to form Banque Bruxelles Lambert (BBL). The holding companies of these two institutions had been merged in 1972.

Founded in 1871, Banque de Bruxelles grew steadily over the ensuing six decades, acquiring interests in other banks in Belgium's major cities. In 1931, these interests were combined in a single business which operated in traditional banking and in the management of industrial concerns based mainly in Belgium and Africa. Following the reform of the Belgian banking sector in 1934-35, the commercial banking activities were transferred to a new company formed on 30 January 1935 under the same registered name. As required by the reform, this transfer separated the banking and holding company functions.

Banque Lambert had its origins in the banking house founded by the Lambert family, financiers in Belgium since the country's independence in 1830. After 1945, Banque Lambert rapidly developed its services and network, notably through the merger of a number of privately-owned banks.

At the beginning of 1998, BBL became a wholly-owned subsidiary of ING Group.

At the Extraordinary general meeting of 17 April 2003, BBL's shareholders decided to change its registered name to ING Belgium SA/NV.

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