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  • ING Belgium and Dries Van Noten: a success story about expertise and talent

Brussels, 13 February 2015

ING Belgium wants to encourage the creativity of talented people and provide them with a platform to showcase their talents. ING's exhibition spaces, sponsorship events, and so on, are a meeting place for people that are in touch with dynamic and creative processes.

ING Belgium's artistic policy focuses on three main activities: managing and promoting ING's collection of contemporary art, organising exhibitions at the ING Art Center in Brussels and at certain regional branches of the bank, and supporting and developing artistic projects that emerge on the Belgian contemporary artistic scene so that they can become fully-fledged partnerships.

The collaboration with Dries Van Noten is a fully-fledged partnership: artistically by way of this exhibition, where ING Belgium is both the presenting and business partner. The collaboration between Dries Van Noten and ING Belgium dates back to 1989. It is an expertise and talent partnership that mutually reinforces each partner.

Exclusively for the Dries Van Noten exhibition "Inspirations", artist Andrew Zuckerman has created the video installation "Cycle, Emergence, Variance, Flight". One film can be seen in Van Noten's special exhibition in the ModeMuseum in Antwerp. The entire installation with four films can be found in the monumental hall in the ING building, Metropool branch, Lange Gasthuisstraat 20, Antwerp.

For more information: ING Belgium, Linda Amel,, + 32 3/224.21.33

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