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Coll/nnection (2014), created for ING by Pierre Bismuth (b. 1963), is a unique interactive project between the ING Belgium Collection and the bank's employees, each of whom has an opportunity to connect with one of the 2500 works of art in the collection. By being linked to an employee, the work of art becomes a social and dynamic element. It reveals the way art lives and evolves through the individual’s experience.

The employees let the artwork circulate through their social networks – possibly outside the strict perimeters of the bank – and in return, the work highlights the employee's role within the bank. A label accompanying each work provides explanations about both the artist and the work, as well as any information that the employee connected with the work decides to provide about his own role within the bank. In this way, rather than simply inviting employees to take an interest in the art, the works are also expected to draw attention to the employees. Both the work and the employee should benefit from one another's networks.

Pierre Bismuth chose an entirely random method of assigning the works. Employees do not choose the works themselves, but in order to avoid the combination being decided by personal taste, a computer programme determines the pairings between the two. The display of the works in the bank buildings reflects this relationship. Only those works connected to employees are displayed. As far as is possible, the placement of each work corresponds to the employee's place of work. In addition to the 450 employees of ING who are already involved in this project, 150 people outside the bank decided to be part of this interactive project as well.

More information over the concept of Coll/nnection by Pierre Bismuth

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