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ING Belgique SA - Country-by-country reporting au 31 décembre 2015

Based on article 420 of the Belgian banking law of 25 April 2014, ING Belgium is required to disclose the following information as presented below on a consolidated basis. The country by country reporting includes all entities in the scope of consolidation of ING Belgium.

ING Belgium NV/SA consolidated

Figures 2015 Activity Turnover in .000 € Number of employees in FTE*
Belgium Banking, other financial services and real estate 3.017.436 9.472
Luxembourg Banking, other financial services and insurance 261.948 792
Canada Other financial services 154 /
USA Other financial services -61 /
Switzerland Banking and other financial services 217.872 170

*employees at end December 2015

The reportable country segments are as follows :

Belgium ING Belgique SA/NV, CEL Data Services SA/NV, Immo Globe SA/NV, ING Contact Center SA/NV, ING Technology Services, ING Lease Belgium, New Immo-Schuman NV/SA, Record Bank SA/NV, Record Credit Services SCRL/CVBA, Sogam SA/NV, Sogès-Fiducem SA/NV
Luxembourg ING Luxembourg, ING Belgium International Finance Luxembourg SA
Canada Belgium Overseas Agencies Ltd.
USA Belgian Overseas Issuing Corp
Suisse ING Belgium Genève (Succursale)

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